February 8, 2016

Welcome back to our #1Thing2016. If you missed out on what we are going to do this year, check out our blog post from last week HERE. We have made this journey so easy that you can join in and invite friends to do this with you any part of the year. How about that? Ready for your first step to meeting all your health goals?

Drummmmm roll please……WATER!

We will be talking all things water this week. Easy peasy. Here we go…

I can give you all the reasons why you should drink water, but unless you live under a rock (my mom always used to say) I think by now you probably know the health benefits. Right? So let’s do something different…

I’m going to tell you HOW to drink your water:

  • Start off your day, the very first part of your day with WARM water. Here is my Morning Elixir that I recommend and the reasons why it is more than beneficial for your body.
  • Most of us know that they say to drink half your body weight in ounces of water everyday. But I have a caviot. Try drinking half of your body weight in ounces, BUT based on the weight you were when you felt your BEST! Let me give you an example. You currently weigh 160 lbs and you are NOT feeling your best. Then you shouldn’t be drinking 80 oz of water. Think back to the weight you felt your best. Maybe that was when you weighed 140 lbs. You should be drinking 70 oz of water each day. Know why? Even though you are just drinking water, your body still has to absorb it. All that waters got to go somewhere. More than likely when you were feeling your best, your body was more efficiently and beneficially using that water. At this weight and not feeling your best, your body could be struggling to take in half of your current weight in ounces. Try it!
  • Drink most of your liquids 2 hrs before bedtime. As we age, you may have noticed our bodies want to get up in the middle of the night to get rid of all that liquid. Also, if we are not our healthiest our bodies might not be as efficient at elimination during the day and when you relax into your sleep, it finally works because your body is recalibrating itself at night and no one wants to be waking up to go to the bathroom all night!water-bottle-962934_1280
  • Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. You are more likely to drink it if it is with you all the time. AND if you get a cool colorful water bottle, it will catch your “I’m always in a hurry” eye.
  • Here is a great way to get in 39 micro nutrients in ONE little packet. You place one of these in your water bottle for two days. Keep refilling your bottle with these little guys and they will help your body fight inflammation and keep it in alkaline. What is the big deal about that? Keeping your bodies PH in working order can help fight disease, keep that brain fog away and keep your system working as it should, order BALANCE from my Avisae account. You will LOVE it! And as always… if you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment after the blog and we will get back with you soon!
  • Now… this water source may sound odd to you, but I’m telling you… it’s worth it! TEARS! When was the last time you allowed yourself to cry? According to, “Medical Daily,” there are a lot of healthy reasons to let yourself really CRY.
    1. releases toxins
    2. kills bacteria
    3. improves vision
    4. improves mood
    5. relieves stress
    6. boosts communication.

Check out this article and give yourself time to let the tears flow!

carafe-505203_1920This is ALL you have to do this week. We realize that Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so stay tuned this week for giving you full permission to eat chocolate. You heard it. Check back here, and we will be educating you on all things chocolate. YUM!!!

And…for those of you who are struggling beyond just getting some of your mojo back, we can always offer you help by working one-on-one. We are Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Counselors, working as detectives to look into your bodies ill ways and get you out of bed, out of pain, out of your funk, and living the life you once did! Click HERE to check us out!




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Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Peace and Love.

Treva & the Living Tree Team





Images provided by Pixabay.

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