The Team


Treva Yaccino

CEO & Lead Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Specialist

Bachelor of Science, Psychology — THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA


Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist — FDN, SAN DIEGO




Bryan Paul Buckley

Bryan Paul Buckley is a writer, speaker, coach, consultant, and trainer. But he’s also a husband, father, voracious reader, avid sports fan, and personal development junkie. He has an eclectic education in business management, psychology, religion, public speaking, and music (and has the school loans to prove it!). His goal is to bring additional value to the clients of Living Tree Health and Wellness to grow in additional areas only they can change in their lives.  He’s jazzed about vision, strategy and systems but absolutely loves connecting with people at a deep level. He’s passionate about people simply becoming better. Three specific areas of his focus are Be Physically Better, Be Professionally Better, and Be Personally Better. These are areas that he’s struggled in and now turned into strengths. He loves to ask questions to learn and making better choices. He firmly believes that the quality of your choices determine the quality of your life. Better questions. Better choices. Better results.



meg2Megan Meek

Marketing & Social Media

After suffering from digestive problems for years, Megan began working with Treva to solve the issue that Doctors seemed unconcerned by. She grew so passionate about what Living Tree was doing for their clients and was so overjoyed with the results she experience with Treva, that she decided to join the team to assist in furthering the growth of Living Tree Health & Wellness.