MichelleMichelle Bandur — Journalist, College Professor, and Ironman!

When I started Treva’s program I wanted to lose weight, eat healthier, and make overall lifestyles changes.  I got so much more!  I lost 12 pounds, went down one and a half sizes in my clothes, and I felt better OVERALL!  Treva asked me questions that I should have been asking myself and really made me think about my overall health and fitness. I was focused on just losing weight. She made me realize I needed to make changes about my sleeping and watching tv habits and my lifestyle. I always have considered myself healthy and fit. Even though I have done two Ironmans, I still needed help making small adjustments that had huge gains.. thanks to Treva’s coaching.  I would recommend Treva as not only as a nutritionist, but as a life coach. She is very positive and supportive. I let her know when I cheated or messed up and she wouldn’t let me beat myself up and feel bad about it. She is encouraging, always available, great about checking in on me, engaging and truly cares about my health and well-being.



Kathy Abel —  Owner/founder of Designed Interiors

When I first started working with Treva, I wanted to improve my immune system, increase myenergy level, and discuss improving some of my life habits and stress levels.  I got so much more!!  I have someone to discuss not only health and nurtition, but emotional and spiritual issues as well!  My life is so much fuller, richer, and more free in such a short amount of time.  she is compassionate and educated, full of nutritional and health knowledge, as well as an incredible understanding of women!  THANK YOU!