My Story

bw-7061Welcome to my wonderful and crazy world! I hope you find my life long process towards health inspiring. My hope is that it might encourage you to take a health journey of your own. If I’m lucky enough, maybe we could take that journey together!

Have you ever felt as though all you have been through has led you to where you are right at this very moment? That’s me! Living my dream of health, nutrition, and counseling. Growing up I was a driven athlete who did not take care of their body. I ate horribly, was sick constantly, and did not listen to my body! After college I entered the world of triathlons and marathons and fell in love with them, but ironically was still not taking care of my body. One day in 2008, my body just quit! In a single day I went from being able to run 10 miles, to hardly being able to walk around the block. After Five years of tests, seeing loads of doctors, and trying different therapies to determine what was going on inside my body, their only solution for me was steroids for life. The doctors labeled me with partial adrenal insufficiency meaning Sometimes my adrenals work and sometimes they don’t.

I wasn’t satisfied. A life filled with steroids? How would that solve anything? I didn’t want a band-aid, I wanted to be healed. So I decided to take my health into my own hands. I visited several wonderful natural doctors and slowly began changing my whole life. I changed food, stress, rest, exercise, prayer, supplements, and began researching how to keep moving forward in my healing.

After several years, I can say I am about 80% better and keep getting stronger and healthier every day. I was so moved to help others who were struggling like me that I decided to go back to school. I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, graduated and now I’ve started my own business helping people get their life back! I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!

I’ve lived all over the country. First, Omaha, Nebraska (my home town), then Chicago, Fresno, back to Chicago, San Diego and now back home to Omaha. I feel like I have gained so much diversity in cultures, job experiences, climates, and now I am STAYING. This is the place for me!

Come Join me! I am confident that I can walk along side of you towards the health you have always wanted!