February 1, 2016

Happy 2016 from Living Tree!

Most of you are probably woke up on January 1st making all sorts of promises for the New Year and typically, we would jump on the band wagon.

But this year, we are NOT going to do that.

WHY you ask?

Because it’s February 1st… and that means (according to statistics) that 1 in 3 of you have already given up on the goals you set just 30 days ago. We don’t want you to break all of those promises you made to yourself.

This year we want to take you through the year ONE THING at a time! We want to help you make long lasting choices by educating you on the HOW

HOW to get healthy, HOW to get your energy back and HOW to be successful! Sick of the ongoing battle of feeling crumby in this over worked, over stressed, and over tired society? Follow us this year and we will take you through your journey with the millions of others who want to feel better and look their best!

HOW you ask?

First, By clearly identifying what you want to change. Think… maybe you want to be a certain weight? To have more energy? To dig a little deeper into why you are not feeling well? Maybe it’s to be fit. How about getting your cravings under control? Not sleeping very well? What about ditching that belly fat! Some of you may even be reading this and thinking, um… all of the above! Perfect!

Next, lets talk about setting goals. This might sound a little bit boring, but it’s really necessary. Goals don’t get reached themselves. You have to go after them: goal setting. Let’s do this…

1—Put your goals up on the fridge, in your bathroom, on paper, on the computer. Wherever you are going to be the most, put them up! That way, you can see it clearly every time you are there. Dream big. This is your “way down the road goal”. Look at it, say it, think it, and believe it is going to happen! Thank God every day, knowing that one day you are going to be there.

2—Start thinking through where you are going to start…. Wait! We want to make that easier by doing it for you! Keeps reading… we’re going to tell you how!

3—Be realistic in your day-to-day goals. If you don’t get it done the first day, don’t sweat it. Pick it back up the next day. Cut yourself some slack until it becomes part of your ever day routine. Thinking this will be the hardest part for you? Maybe reading this will help you cut yourself some slack.

4—Every evening write down your plan for the the next day. Whether on paper or in your phone, you will accomplish more if you are organized the night before. And you know what the nice thing is? We’re going to give you each new goal! You don’t even have to worry about coming up with it on your own.

5—Celebrate EVERY DAY that you achieve what you set out to do! You will be one step closer to your goal!

So, HOW are you going to achieve your health goals this year? HOW are we going to help you make this year different from all those other years?


This year, we are all about changing ONE THING. Every week we will post ONE THING that will help you on your health journey as well as lots of educational material, recipes, new products, detoxes and freebies galore! Each week we will set a new directive that will help you achieve that overall, healthier you! ONE THING, just one change, each week. That way, you keep your goal in mind and we will walk you through 52 weeks of getting there.

Thanks for stopping in at Living Tree. Make sure you come back next week. We look forward to helping you this year. Join all the people around the country for our ONE THING journey. Keep in mind that we will be having our quarterly Spring Detox right around the corner….if you start now on your health journey with us, you will be all ready in April to get after it!

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Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Treva & the Living Tree Team


  • Reply Jessica February 9, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    I think this is such a great idea and plan for me! I refuse to do anything extreme or even put “diet” in a resolution anymore. I know extreme doesn’t work for me. Baby steps! That is what works for me. Looking forward to following along. In fact, I started my day with a glass of warm water with lemon this morning! Baby steps!!

    • Reply trevayaccino February 9, 2016 at 4:19 pm

      Thanks Jessica. We love baby steps and how each one of us at Living Tree chose to do our health journey. Bring your friends along with you and let us know if we can answer any questions.

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