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February 1, 2016

Happy 2016 from Living Tree!

Most of you are probably woke up on January 1st making all sorts of promises for the New Year and typically, we would jump on the band wagon.

But this year, we are NOT going to do that.

WHY you ask?

Because it’s February 1st… and that means (according to statistics) that 1 in 3 of you have already given up on the goals you set just 30 days ago. We don’t want you to break all of those promises you made to yourself.

This year we want to take you through the year ONE THING at a time! We want to help you make long lasting choices by educating you on the HOW

HOW to get healthy, HOW to get your energy back and HOW to be successful! Sick of the ongoing battle of feeling crumby in this over worked, over stressed, and over tired society? Follow us this year and we will take you through your journey with the millions of others who want to feel better and look their best!

HOW you ask?

First, By clearly identifying what you want to change. Think… maybe you want to be a certain weight? To have more energy? To dig a little deeper into why you are not feeling well? Maybe it’s to be fit. How about getting your cravings under control? Not sleeping very well? What about ditching that belly fat! Some of you may even be reading this and thinking, um… all of the above! Perfect!

Next, lets talk about setting goals. This might sound a little bit boring, but it’s really necessary. Goals don’t get reached themselves. You have to go after them: goal setting. Let’s do this…

1—Put your goals up on the fridge, in your bathroom, on paper, on the computer. Wherever you are going to be the most, put them up! That way, you can see it clearly every time you are there. Dream big. This is your “way down the road goal”. Look at it, say it, think it, and believe it is going to happen! Thank God every day, knowing that one day you are going to be there.

2—Start thinking through where you are going to start…. Wait! We want to make that easier by doing it for you! Keeps reading… we’re going to tell you how!

3—Be realistic in your day-to-day goals. If you don’t get it done the first day, don’t sweat it. Pick it back up the next day. Cut yourself some slack until it becomes part of your ever day routine. Thinking this will be the hardest part for you? Maybe reading this will help you cut yourself some slack.

4—Every evening write down your plan for the the next day. Whether on paper or in your phone, you will accomplish more if you are organized the night before. And you know what the nice thing is? We’re going to give you each new goal! You don’t even have to worry about coming up with it on your own.

5—Celebrate EVERY DAY that you achieve what you set out to do! You will be one step closer to your goal!

So, HOW are you going to achieve your health goals this year? HOW are we going to help you make this year different from all those other years?


This year, we are all about changing ONE THING. Every week we will post ONE THING that will help you on your health journey as well as lots of educational material, recipes, new products, detoxes and freebies galore! Each week we will set a new directive that will help you achieve that overall, healthier you! ONE THING, just one change, each week. That way, you keep your goal in mind and we will walk you through 52 weeks of getting there.

Thanks for stopping in at Living Tree. Make sure you come back next week. We look forward to helping you this year. Join all the people around the country for our ONE THING journey. Keep in mind that we will be having our quarterly Spring Detox right around the corner….if you start now on your health journey with us, you will be all ready in April to get after it!

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Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Treva & the Living Tree Team


December 3, 2015

Yesterday I had one of those AH HA moments and wanted to share with you all who are tired of feeling like you are always FAILING at this. You know, the, I had one good day and four crappy days, so forget it, I can’t do this. That is until you get motivated and excited again accompanied by the pep talk you give yourself. Then this time you might make it a week or even a month. We have all been there, Right?

Or how about those of you who are the late night eat everything in sight until you are so mad at yourself you just keep going the next day? THAT used to be me. and…. Guess what? I can still do that too! I realized last night I am still an emotional eater. Something happens in my life that I am frustrated about and the first thing I want to do is go eat a pile of waffles, a box of pop tarts, a container of chocolate covered anything, or go through the drive thru and get a hamburger and French fries. YEP! I do! Sometimes I actually do that too. But what I realized and my AH HA moment last night is that I have stopped beating myself up, caving in to eating like that all the next day or week, and NOT telling myself that I am NEVER going to get there.

Here’s why and some simple steps to take that will help you overcome the rollercoaster of the pass or fail mindset.


  • The 90/10 rule. Keep in mind that if you are eating healthy 90% of the time, 10% eat what you want. As a matter of fact, it is healthy to be able to let loose and not be stressed about what you are eating every once in a while.
  • The who cares rule. Take life with a grain of salt and let go of the things that are weighing you down and the relationships that are toxic. If it happens that you “mess up”….who cares? It’s OK! Allow it and it won’t hold you captive.
  • One thing at a time rule. Remember that we are in process. If you change one thing at a time by the end of the year if you implement ONE thing every week, you will have added 52 new things to your life and diet. THAT is lasting!
  • Be kind to yourself. Do some things for yourself that will help you with all of your stress. Pick one activity to do every day that will be a kindness act to yourself. Take a walk, a bath, read a magazine, look out the window, find a comfy chair, watch a program. None of them have to take a long time.
  • Change your stinkin thinkin. Every time you have a negative thought, turn it around and speak something positive. “I am never going to get there.” How about, “I AM going to get there.”
  • What’s love got to do with it? Love has a lot to do with it. Find love. I don’t necessarily mean romantic love but in a pet, or a friend, or even loving yourself. stop your crazy life long enough to let yourself be loved or better yet, reach out to someone else who needs a loving touch or gesture.
  • Balance your body out. Some of the reason that you could be craving all of these “naughty foods,” is because your body is out of balance. Next week I will be blogging about how to balance out your body and the reasons why you are having these cravings. Don’t miss it or you might go off the sugar deep end. HA
  • Inside out rule. Sometimes we concentrate too much on the need to be skinny or fit, or fit into your favorite pants. How about if you concentrate on helping the inside of your body? The health of the inside of your body will eventually match the outside. Think about your digestion, your hormones, your liver, heart and brain. AND….if you need help with those, please let me know. THAT is what we do here at Living Tree. Check out our website and give us a call. WE CAN HELP!
  • Stop for 10 seconds. Stop for just 10 seconds before you go to the cupboard, frig, and pantry. Walk the other way, hold your breath, and ask yourself: Do I really need this or want this? This works for me A LOT! Try it.
  • Look back. Look back on all the progress you have made and not all that you still have to do. Take a moment to celebrate those victories. It makes the future look that much sweeter.
  • Of course exercise is a must. Even if you are struggling with issues that cause you to not be able to exercise like you would want to or if you don’t have the time, just move! Get up from your desk every hour and walk up the stairs or even in a circle. Stretch. Get a drink of water. Or make it a goal to walk throughout the week. A little pays off more than a lot for short amounts of time and giving up.



Those are the tips and tricks that I have implemented over the last two years and yesterday during my Ah ha moment I realized……. They work! I am not a failure! I no longer beat myself up! I am in progress and have made a lot of progress in my health journey.


Try these out and let us know what happens. Send us a comment and let us know which one works the best for you. AND…come back next week when we will be sharing why do we have cravings and how can we STOP them!


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Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Treva & the Living Tree Team

How to Live a Grain Free Life

October 13, 2015

5 Tricks That Will Help You Kick Grains to the Curb


Grains – the food group that plays a big role in the eating habits of millions of kids around the world. Oatmeal, YUM! Crackers, YUM! Mashed potatoes, YUM! Toast, YUM! Cereal, YUM!

Sure, most moms always tell us that we need to eat our veggies too, but most moms also always serve some sort of grain for or with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well.

So grains have to be just as important as meats, fruits and veggies, right?


But grains make up a hefty spot on the food pyramid so they must be healthy!


Just because the government says it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it is. I can name you 14 foods off the top of my head that are banned in other countries but served here.

But I need the fiber!

Um, sorry… Wrong again.

You can get it elsewhere, like in a myriad of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds – sources that don’t have all the other bad stuff in them like toxins.

So as you can see, the importance of grains in a diet is actually pretty much a tale spun by the American food industry and regurgitated by moms around the world. That’s a tough pill to swallow, isn’t it?

Health advocates around the world, especially those who follow a Paleo lifestyle, understand that grains can actually pose a great harm to your body, leading to illness, disease and even death. To learn more about Paleo as a lifestyle and more on why grains are so harmful, please visit here


However, grains are so ingrained (cute, huh?) in our lifestyle, that my clients and so many others can say they want to ditch the grains, but find it so difficult to actually do it. So I want to share with you some of my tips for going grain-free.

  1. Don’t go cold turkey and ditch the grains all at once.

    Some can do this, but most people will quit all at once and then sabotage their efforts a few days later with a binge. To gradually incorporate this new lifestyle, you can first begin by ditching the unhealthiest grains (sugary cereal, fruit bars, rice, etc.) and instead opt for healthier versions (quinoa, brown rice, etc.) Once you’ve done that, gradually cut done your portions of grains meal by meal until none exist in your diet.


  1. Fill up on proteins, veggies and healthy fats.

    If you eat plenty of these items, you’re not going to crave the grains as much because your nutrient needs will be satisfied, and you’ll feel fuller longer. For example, eat lots of fish, clean meats and veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, peas, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Also, don’t forget to add the healthy fat to each meal – such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nut butters, etc.


  1. Don’t keep the grains in your house.

    As they say – out of sight is out of mind. This holds true for the grains. If you don’t keep them in your house (after they’re gone for good), you’ll be more likely not to eat them.


  1. Prepare meals in advance.

    This tip has saved me so much time, patience, and sanity when I decided to change my lifestyle. I always write a meal plan at the beginning of each week and then shop, and prepare the food all in the same day. Prepping meals once a week prevents you from binging on grains when you’re hungry. Purchase glass containers and mason jars to store your food in the freezer after cooking, and then all you’ll have to do is pop your food in the microwave. There will be no time to reach for the granola bars.


  1. Indulge in scrumptious Paleo recipes.

    Another nuisance that could prevent you from experiencing success with your new lifestyle choice is boredom. If you’re making the same chicken and broccoli every day, you’re going to get bored and revert back to your old lifestyle. Therefore, it’s so important to try out new recipes all the time. In my Paleo program for sale here , I provide over 50 mouthwatering Paleo-approved recipes for my clients to enjoy. You can use print out these recipes and then when you’re making your meal plan for the week, you can include various recipes each week. Here is ONE yummy snack recipe that you will get on your detox:



½ cup almonds

1/2 cup cashews

¼ cup pumpkin seeds

¼ cup sunflower seeds

¼ cup golden raisins

1 teaspoon raw cacao

Place all of the nuts and raisins in a bowl, sprinkle with cacao, toss for an even coat and serve. Store in an airtight container.


Want to learn more about living Paleo?

My Paleo program provides everything you need to adopt a Paleo lifestyle:


AND…..check out our newest member of our detox family. Nikki Jencen is one of our local experts in going gluten free and living the Paleo life style. Check out here story.

I’m 32 years old, mother of 2, married to my college sweetheart for 9 beautiful years, I live in San Diego Ca, food fanatic, I’m crazy about all things healthy, I hate to exercise but do it anyway, I’m a workaholic (currently working on that), the way I de-stress is by cooking and going to the grocery store (without kids!)…I’m a dreamer and non realist ~ I believe all things are possible. My accreditation / credentials is CHC.

Nikki is offering all of our San Diego peeps homemade meals for your detox. She will customize and personalize, and deliver each one of the meals FOR YOU! If you are interested, feel free to email her here and put: detox meals in the subject line.


We are very excited for all the health that is spreading across the nation. You will love how you feel when you join us in the wellness craze!


So… Ready to detox with us? Click below!

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Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Treva & the Living Tree Team

Benefits of Bee Pollen

October 6, 2015

Because we think Nikki has so many helpful tips on doing all things healthy, she is returning this week as our guest blogger on the life of Living Tree blog. This week she is talking about BEES. I love all things honey. Local raw and organic honey is one of God’s gifts to man and has so many healing properties for your body. Today Nikki is talking about another byproduct of those little stingers: bee pollen. YOU will want to run out and get yourself some bee pollen when you are done reading this…. I know I AM!!!

Benefits of Bee Pollen

One of the first images that come to mind when we think of pollen is sneezing and itchy eyes. But did you know that Honeybee Pollen can actually heal you? It’s one of the richest sources of vitamins found in nature. It contains more amino acids (protein) than beef, eggs or cheese in equal parts of course. Consuming pollen may be a weird concept to wrap your head around, but it can help you in more ways than you can imagine. Let’s explore Bee Pollen and you’ll be able to see just how beneficial it is.

When we have the memory of sneezing and itchy eyes during spring time or “allergy season” it’s in part by a weakened immune system caused by having a damaged gut. There are many factors that cause this. For instance, GMO foods, mold, vaccines, antibiotics, contaminated water, prescription drugs, and the list goes on!

Today, unfortunately to say, there are more sick people than healthy. A great piece of advice to begin to regain your health is turn to nature. Nature always provides an answer and HoneyBee Pollen is nothing short of a miracle that only nature could have concocted!

What is Bee Pollen?

Pollen is the male seed of flowers, and it’s primarily dispersed by insects. It’s nature’s way of reproducing. Honey bees gather pollen from flowers, and bring it back to the hive where it is stored as food. Little do they know they are eating gold! It’s literally food fit for a queen. Its nature’s perfect medicine as it’s full of vital nutrients and complete amino acids (similar to animal protein which is rare to find from a non-animal source). It can even protect bees (and humans) from radiation! Now that’s powerful stuff!

Benefits of Bee Pollen:

  • Heals the gut: It regulates all function of the intestines and can heal cases of chronic constipation, or diarrhea.
  • Treats allergies: Should be taken 6 weeks prior to “allergy season” in order for it to work correctly. The pollen boosts and stimulates the immune system, and therefore the body doesn’t recognize the season because it’s already been exposed to it. It works much like the vaccination theory.
  • Infertility: Pollen stimulates ovarian function.
  • Weight control: Eliminates cravings and acts as an appetite suppressant.
  • Restores longevity and vitality: Injects new life into dry, lifeless cells. It also contains anti-cancer qualities.

You may be asking the question that if Bee Pollen is bee food, than why are we taking it away from them? That’s a great question! As long as there are flowers, there will be enough to go around. What the focus should be on is reducing chemicals that harm bees and fighting against GMO foods. A bee’s job is to pollinate and create life all around. The less chemicals we use to harm these precious creatures the better the life span they will have. They truly work on our behalf.

In short, Bee Pollen is a wonderful, miracle “food” that has been known to heal many aspects of the body. You can easily add Bee Pollen to smoothies, or chew them. Anyway you consume Bee Pollen, it will add more benefits to your life than you can imagine. Life is sweeter with Bee Pollen.


“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
― Maurice MaeterlinckThe Life of the Bee


Thank you Nikki for enlightening us all on bee pollen. You can receive first hand creations with some of the ingredients Nikki has mentioned in our last couple of blogs by signing up for our Fall Paleo Detox that starts VERY SOON and ordering homemade delicious meals made specifically for you by clicking HERE. You won’t want to miss this FALL detox….don’t you want to lose some weight, lose some bloating, lose the tiredness, and GAIN back your health? I DO!!

See what happened with one of our detoxers this time last year:

picture 2b“This one detox literally changed my life. I had been on and off acid reflux medicine since I was 19 (went through maalox like it was water). The main reason I decided to try the 2 week detox was because I had been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back (right side) in July 2014. In 2012 and 2013 I began getting severe lower back pain. I couldn’t sit for longer than 15 minutes, then it hurt to stand, couldn’t sleep for any length of time on my back, right or left side. In July 2014 an MRI showed arthritis in my lower back. Despite losing 20 lbs the pain continued along with acid reflux issues. Then I saw Treva’s 2 week detox offer and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try something (anything!!) to help me continue to lose weight and see if certain foods would help me. This is the crazy part. Since that detox, I have zero acid reflux issues. I have zero lower back pain (unless I make the choice to eat the foods I now know inflame the arthritis within 15-20 minutes of ingesting that food or drink!). I never ever wake up in the middle of the night with back pain. Sleeping on any side I want. Zero knee pain (they used to creek and crunch and hurt walking up and down steps).
― Gwynne

Ready to detox with us? Click below!

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Thanks for visiting our blog this week. Come back next week when we will talk about another HOT topic all things health!

Treva & the Living Tree Team


What You Need To Know About Collagen

September 29, 2015



This week at Living Tree we are featuring a guest blogger.

Welcome Nikki Jencen to our Living Tree family.


Here is a little bit about Nikki:

I’m 32 years old, mother of 2, married to my college sweetheart for 9 beautiful years, I live in San Diego Ca, food fanatic, I’m crazy about all things healthy, I hate to exercise but do it anyway, I’m a workaholic (currently working on that), the way I de-stress is by cooking and going to the grocery store (without kids!)…I’m a dreamer and non realist ~ I believe all things are possible. My accreditation / credentials is CHC.

Nikki is our resident Paleo Chef here in San Diego and is going to be making YOUR personalized Paleo meals for you during our Fall Paleo Detox program. She is giving us some goodies on Collagen today. What is collagen you ask? It’s very exciting….. Check it out.

What You Need To Know About Collagen

Arthritis, bone deterioration, pain, aging saggy skin…If these words are part of your daily life, you may want to consider trying collagen. Did you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body? It’s actually what holds us together, without it; we would crumble to the ground. Collagen is found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. As we age, the collagen in our body depletes and our bones begin to weaken.

Osteoarthritis, which most elderly suffer from, is caused when there is wear-and-tear damage to your joint’s cartilage. Enough damage can result in bone grinding directly on the bone which causes pain and restrictive movement. Which means life is way less fun! Who doesn’t love to move?! We need to move in order to feel vibrant and alive. What does one do when this happens? Intake collagen!

So we know that collagen is the most powerful protein in the human body but how does collagen replenish itself? By the age of 40, collagen declines rapidly without regeneration unless we are replenishing with collagen enriched foods such as bone broth.

Here are 5 foods that naturally build collagen:

  • Bone broth contains gelatin which collagen is essentially gelatin. Bone broth is exceptionally healing to the digestive tract.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids such as mackerel, salmon, and sardines are great ways to build up the collagen in your body. These essential amino acids also keep your skin firm and youthful.
  • Dark leafy vegetables such as chard and kale will slow the breakdown of collagen.
  • High anti-oxidant rich foods such as berries will fight free radicals in the body which cause collagen breakdown. Daily dose of vitamin C (non-GMO of course) is a great way to support bones, cartilage, and tendons while boosting the immune system.
  • Garlic is a natural anti-biotic that will boost the immune system rather than harm it unlike pharmaceuticals. Garlic can detoxify heavy metals in the body that can attack vital organs such as the brain. Daily dose of garlic is a great way to stay youthful, pain free, and mentally clear!

So now that you know what foods to eat, let’s talk about different types of supplements that you can purchase. Some are even great to add to smoothies or take in a pill form.

If you know that you’re not a big fan of eating collagen foods, you can always turn to a supplement that will give you similar benefits. Now that you know a little more about collagen, you can make an informed decision as to what can help your body replenish collagen to give you youthful skin, decrease pain, continuous bone strength, and flexible joints. Collagen is vital to your health and the healing of your body. We are only given one body, it’s critical that we take care of it.

We are big fans of collagen at Living Tree. It has helped in my adrenal healing and I would recommend it to EVERYONE. She has given us some great tips on where to find this little gem. THANKS Nikki for your amazing blogging. We are looking forward to seeing more of your insights into health!

If you are interested in having Nikki create your personalized Paleo meals for our Detox, click into the link below for details on sign ups for our detox and how to contact Nikki to make your Detox EASY, YUMMY, and HEALTHY!

GF Chef Flyer


Ready to detox with us? Click below!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Treva & the Living Tree Team

The Power of Food

September 4, 2015

Here at Living Tree we believe in the power of food. Food has the Power to help your body regain, reboot, and rebuild your health AND the power to tear down your body leaving you feeling horrible and even worse in a state of disease. The next couple of weeks we are going to give you loads of tips and tricks to help you lose those unwanted pounds through the power of food and show you other areas of your life you can add some goodness to for shedding some of that weight before the holidays hit!


Who would want even one of those nasty symptoms,a yet I bet most of you have several that you are tired of. Let’s start simple by eliminating some foods that can cause our bodies to revolt and become toxic:


Here is the good news, the best thing you can do for yourself is ADD in good foods that can help with detoxing your body for weight loss. Don’t we all as humans look at the NO NO list and want to do the exact opposite? What if we changed that mindset to ADDING in foods and other things into our lives instead of taking away? Here is a list of foods that can help your body detox. Try adding in a few of these every week, eventually, you may find that you make these an every day habit. Watch the changes in your body and how you feel. You will be surprised.


How about if we make this as simple as we can? Aren’t we all looking to make our lives a little easier and still see results? Start out with these suggestions and come back next week when we will be talking about how to lose weight and feeling great. Check out our page of smoothies and juice that are easy, fast, detoxing, and yummy HERE!

—Speaking of losing weight…. Stay tuned for our upcoming fall detox program. Right around the corner this great opportunity will offer recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, support, educational materials, and a step by step clean program to launch you into your fall feeling spectacular. AND….. if you come back next week we are offering a free three day juice fast!



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Treva & the Living Tree Team

Four Proven Guidelines to Eat Healthy When You Travel

August 20, 2015

We are all still in the middle of summer and many of us are finishing up our travels, but how about those of us who travel year around for work? I hear this question every single week…. “How do I eat healthy when I travel so much for business?” This week Bryan Buckley one of Living Tree’s collaborators, has given us great guidelines to keep in mind when we travel for work. I have gotten pretty good at figuring out how to eat well and not feel so grumpy, sick, and tired when I travel. Check out his blog and feel free to click into his website to see all the amazing things Bryan can offer you to be the best of you!

Four Proven Guidelines to Eat Healthy When You Travel

with Bryan Buckley

Henry travels a lot for work. He loves new cities and new experiences not to mention the restaurants. Oh the restaurants. And the dessert. And the wine.

And it’s also his number one struggle. He does well at home when his wife prepares the meals. But when he’s on the road he’s a kid in the candy shop. Sometimes literally.

He justifies his behavior and can cite excuse after excuse. Quite the experienced skill now.

One of the questions that I’m asked the most when I’m on the road is “how do you eat healthy?”

Since I travel a ton for my job, I could have odd travel hours, flights, lunch and dinner meetings, etc.

As a result, I’ve found the road could be the hardest or easiest place to eat healthy. I want to give you hope. It can be done. I’ve learned some hard-earned secrets. And it’s also worth learning how to do it.

  1. Choose a Hotel With a Healthy Breakfast

My first meal of the day often sets the tone for the rest of my day. And this is no truer then when you’re out of your natural habitat and on the road.

If you have the option of where you choose to stay, take the extra effort to find a place with a good breakfast.

Many hotels offer a free breakfast but it’s more continental style (cereal / toast / donuts / coffee) and not for me.

I prefer a hot, buffet style breakfast which is ideal to make healthy choices such as a veggie omelet, sautéed spinach, and fruit.

For example, I choose Embassy Suites for their free breakfast buffet which includes an omelet bar. I also like Marriott or Hyatt for a similar breakfast line-up just the paid version.

If you can begin your day with a strong healthy meal, your odds of succeeding nutritionally the rest of the day dramatically increase. So, choose the right hotel or at least one close to a good restaurant.

  1. Bring or Buy Healthy Satisfying Snacks

Often it’s the in-between meal times that can take you down. It’s my road achilles. Know thyself, right?!

When I’m really hungry it’s an opportunity for me to make a bad choice. But most of the time, this is preventable.

How? By bringing or buying healthy snacks. Now, I’m not a big “snack between meals” kinda guy but they’re available if and when I need them. Check out How to Beat a Snack Attack HERE.

For example, I usually bring a small stash of individual packs of mixed nuts from Trader Joe’s which are ideal to have in my computer bag.

I also snag some fresh fruit at breakfast and possibly some granola by putting it in a coffee cup with a lid. This ends up being a great mid morning or mid afternoon snack on the road.

Most of the time I have a rental car and will find the nearest Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to find some healthy snacks especially if it’s a multiple day trip.

I pay the price when I get lazy on this one by over-eating or making poor choices. Again preventable and worth the effort to me.

  1. Define Healthy to Others That You Meet or Travel With You

It’s absolutely amazing to me how people can define healthy.

I’ve been on the road and someone would ask me what type of restaurant I would like to and in the early, naive, and trusting days I would say, “somewhere healthy” assuming we mean the same thing. Holy Way Off Course, Batman!

I would end up at a place that offered a lettuce-based salad with two paper-thin cucumbers and one grape tomato smothered in fat free ranch dressing. Somebody stop me.

I must define my definition of healthy to others when I travel so I can succeed nutritionally.

When someone doesn’t know me and my healthy food issues, I’ll let them know I’m on a restricted diet and ask if they would be willing to work with me.

When asked in such a manner, they always are more than willing to accommodate. They just don’t know and will do business as usual unless otherwise requested. The same is true for any server at a restaurant. Just ask and let them respond.

If I’m buying lunch or dinner for someone I can define healthy and give them choices. This leads to the next point.

  1. Do Intel on Meal Locations

If you have the ability to give your opinion on where to eat by all means seize the opportunity!

Let me give you an example. I was attending a group dinner one evening and asked if I could do some research and give the group options. They completely took the bait, I mean obliged.

I went for a run late afternoon and found a couple of different restaurants that would work for everyone. I knew exactly what I would order ahead of time no matter which restaurant they would choose. It was a win / win for all involved.

Sometimes I’m eating by myself and have complete control of the location. But it also takes self-control since no one else is with you.

If you choose a chain restaurant, you should know ahead of time what you’ll get. I absolutely love Ruby Tuesday because of the large salad bar with a ton of dark green and vegetables. Great option!

I prefer to eat at a location that has a local flavor (literally) and specific to the city. But this could be dangerous if you don’t do your intel.

Lastly, if it’s going to be a non-healthy choice that wasn’t your pick, I highly suggest eating a snack before you go. Throttle back that appetite any way you can to avoid collateral damage. Or if you’re caught off guard, you could always have a healthy snack after the meal to avoid going hungry or “feeling obligated” to eat more at dinner.

Closing Challenge…

Remember, this is a learned skill. It’s going to take time and practice.

But if you abide by these four practical guidelines you will see immediate and tangible results.

The first decision is to get over the victim role and realize you have more power than you’re convincing others and yourself.

It’s a daily choice to “make the healthiest choice“, four words you must commit to especially when you travel.

If this is a priority to you, then you’ll find a way to implement these guidelines.

Motivated, busy professionals who want to discover and develop their potential will take this on as a challenge. Is this you? Are there ways you can improve your travel health?

Closing Question…

What is one change (or more) you can make while traveling to make healthy choices?


Thanks Bryan for those great tips! Next week you can learn more specific ways to travel in health and feel your best while doing the vacationing and work that you love. Keep checking in with us every week….Living Tree has some big things coming up this fall with our fall detox and more team efforts between Living Tree and Bryan Buckley. You won’t want to miss it! We will be having more give-aways, new recipes, a closed Facebook forum to join for personal questions, and lot of fun!


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August 6, 2015

We are back with great news!

ONE food, ONE product, ONE (not very expensive) item, can be used for TONS of things in life. VIRGIN COCONUT OIL has more than 101 different uses. Using it to make insect repellent as we learned last week (click here if you missed that), is only one of these uses.


Here are our top 25 uses for coconut oil.

There are many more, but lets start with trying these:


  1. In COOKING as a great oil with a high smoke point. Great for baking, stir-frys or as a dairy free replacement to butter.
  2. Added to foods or drinks daily for ENERGY.
  3. As a COFFEE CREAMER when emulsified into coffee On the skin as a basic lotion (or coconut oil lotion bar).
  5. As a cloth diaper safe DIAPER CREAM (just rub on baby’s bottom).
  6. To LIGHTEN AGE SPOTS when rubbed directly on the skin.
  7. To PREVENT STRETCH MARKS during pregnancy.
  8. To support healthy THYROID FUNCTION.
  9. To help INCREASE SUN TOLERANCE and avoid burning.
  10. As a naturally SPF 4 SUNSCREEN.
  11. To get rid of CRADLE CAP on baby- just massage in to head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth.
  12. Topically to kill yeast or YEAST INFECTIONS.
  13. As a delicious tropical MASSAGE OILS.
  14. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps BOOST METABOLISM.
  15. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands and then through hair will help get rid of FRIZZY HAIR.
  16. Mixed with equal parts sugar for a smoothing BODY SCRUB (use in the shower).
  17. Rubbed on lips as a natural CHAP STICK.
  18. Topically, can help skin HEAL FASTER after injury or infection.
  19. Directly on the perineum to help heal AFTER BIRTH.
  20. As an incredibly intensive NATURAL CONDITIONER– Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours.
  21. Can help sooth PSORIASIS and ECZEMA.
  22. There is some evidence that regular ingestion of coconut oil can help prevent or reverse ALZHEIMER.
  23. With apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment for LICE that actually works.
  24. In natural HOMEMADE SUNSCREEN.
  25. In healthy brain boosting snack for kids like COCONUT CLUSTERS.


We have included one super yummy recipe, compliments of hope you enjoy.


many of you have been asking WHEN are your detox programs returning? I had been slowing down a bit to finish off the latest schooling that I just graduated from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. In a couple weeks I will be posting some really fun and new techniques, labs, available packages, and super ideas for furthering your health.


But back to business….. we are going to be running our next DETOX program this fall in September. Stay tuned for all the details. It will be a GOOD ONE!


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Bugs and coconut oil… oh my!

July 31, 2015

Want to know a secret that is SUPER EASY and makes you smell good, feel good, and keep all those pesky mosquitos from ruining your summer all at the same time?

I found out first hand how this little secret works. I was on vacation in Northern Wisconsin deep in the woods and water with lots of rain. That was a great recipe for LOTS OF MOSQUITOS. Most of my family members were making fun of my concoction as they were spraying their bug spray, getting sticky, and tasting those nasty chemicals on their hands as they were eating their s-mores and licking their fingers. Nice huh? Until, they all tried my recipe and LOVED it. AND…..not ONE bite from those blood suckers.


Did you know that One of the best ways for you to use coconut oil is as a mosquito repellent? The great thing about coconut oil repellent, is that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Several mosquito repellents contain pesticides, and some even contain harmful chemicals like DDT. If you don’t have to apply nasty chemicals, and it costs less to make the good stuff, why wouldn’t you try something different???

Here is the very simple recipe for one of my favorite foods ever created: COCONUT!





2-3 tbs Coconut Oil

3-4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

Rub oil mixture on skin! Protection lasts about 4 to 6 hours!

Directions: Take about 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and melt very slowly (you can buy liquid coconut or fractionated coconut oil that is also in liquid form). Be careful not to overheat so you do not lose some of its beneficial properties. Then, add about three or four drops of peppermint essential oil (my favorite essential oil company is DoTerra) . Natural peppermint oil is very concentrated. Peppermint oil all by itself is a good deterrent for mosquitoes, and other types of pests (although I don’t think it repels bees, so this method isn’t recommended for people who are allergic to bees). Rub the mixture all over your body to help prevent prevent mosquito bites.

P.S… This will also help protect your skin. Coconut oil is also a natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal and contains some SPF AND it will moisturize your skin! Not to mention, you’ll smell AMAZING!


TRY IT! You won’t be let down!

If you have any questions about how to order essential oils or are interested in trying any others, feel free to message us here at Living Tree and we can easily get you on your way.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog when we will have more ideas for coconut oil and some delicious new healthy recipes and desserts made with coconut.


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The Secret to Beautiful Skin

June 23, 2015


Hi there!

We’re so glad to see you’re back!

Living Tree is still on the PH train. It is so important we can’t just write ONE blog about it. So… ready for more?

I’m sure you probably already know that your skin is the largest organ in your body. But did you know what it’s also the back up organ for your liver and kidneys? When the toxic load becomes too much for these two organs, the skin can become clogged and present itself with body odor, dark circles under your eyes, blemishes, puffiness, and premature aging.

A lot of the time more PH balanced water from a pure source and moderate exercise can go a long way to clear toxic skin.

The PH of normal healthy skin is somewhere between 4.5 and 6.0. This varies with age. Before we enter into the dreaded puberty stage is as high as 7.0. Our skin should be a little acidic to protect it from invading bacteria and other infections, such as fungus. Did you know that our skin absorbs whatever we put on it and toxic chemicals can be as dangerous as some of those we ingest.

This week on social media Living Tree will be sharing tips about how to keep your PH Level balanced and your skin looking beautiful! So if you don’t follow us already, click the links below to see what we’re saying follow us while you’re there!



But here are a few just to get you started!



Avoid sugars…..

We will be talking about this more next week. We have all heard how it plays havoc on your body. We will see just how much.





Eat alkalizing foods…

If you missed out on those be sure to check out our social media sites for which foods will help you out.




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