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March 7, 2016

Good morning to all of our Living Tree followers. I have heard some great feedback so far with adding in ONE thing each week! I love hearing from all of you, in fact, the inspiration for this weeks #1Thing2016 comes from YOU (so keep the questions coming)! It’s a great question which is appearing repeatedly:

“Why am I starving by the afternoon and have that lul of the day that starts around 2:00-3:00pm? Some days I can hardy keep my eyes open!”

There are many reasons and solutions to that question, but today let us try and help you with ONE simple step to add to your routine for the week that can help AND address the other reasons in the next couple of blogs. We can’t have you falling asleep at your desk or in the car during the day, but we CAN help balance out your body to give you the energy you need ALL DAY LONG!


Who cares about breakfast? Haven’t we all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Guess what? It is! You get up, usually in a hurry, grab whatever you can, even if it isn’t healthy and head out the door. At this point, most of us have already forgotten to plan for what you are going to eat for lunch, non the less, what you are going to do for dinner.

I spent most of my life like this: getting up early to work out, hurrying to shower, getting my kids out the door or occupied, and then grabbing something very carby. Oh and I couldn’t forget my coffee addiction. That was a must have! I thought I was doing well. Fit. Energized for the day. Then an hour later, bam, I felt horrible. So I would start the scenario all over again, all day long. I was thinking in the back of my mind, eat like I was told, the traditional food pyramid: carbs, proteins, and fats. Why was I NOT feeling well and why could I not sustain my energy throughout the day? I started changing my mornings. I grabbed a healthy carb to eat for quick energy before my workouts, ate breakfast right afterwards (loaded with proteins), slowed down my eating and actually sat down to eat. I was amazed! My blood sugar throughout the day began to stabilize and my food choices were easier! Not to meantion my cravings went way down! And just like that! Voila….no sleepy time in the afternoon.

Let’s add breakfast in this week.

Not just any breakfast or the ways you have eaten it in the past. Let’s try to shake it up a bit. Give your body what it’s asking for.

You have been journaling right?

If not, check out this blog. You have become aware of how your body is reacting to certain foods or are beginning to, right? If not, go back a couple blogs and print off a copy and start right now! It’s never too late. Now it is time to pick a food for breakfast that suites your body.

I would recommend you try the breakfast experiment for the next two weeks to see what works best for you. Not all diets fit every individual. I eat pretty much all paleo, but that is not necessarily the best for everyone. Let’s see what works for you!

Here are some suggestions:

1-Try this breakfast experiment. It can be a bit daunting, but if you look at the handout, it will give you some ideas of what to do, what to look for, and what foods to try. Don’t worry about doing it completely if you are short on time (who isn’t?) But like journaling, begin to notice what happens an hour after you eat breakfast. How did you feel? Tired or energized? Bloated or flat tummy? Whichever works the best for you, stick with it for an extended period of time. Have two that work? Alternate those!

1-Get up earlier. Ugh! Really? This will force you to go to bed earlier. We will talk about that too a little later. Set your alarm just 15 min earlier than usual to get you set for the day. This will give you more room to get that bfast in.

1604610_10202116843255539_509461061_n2- If you work out first, pick a good carb for quick energy. Some drink coffee. I will not say don’t do that…YET! But how about a fruit that is in season? Oranges, grapefruits, the lemon elixir I mentioned in one of the earlier blogs, or a fresh made juice (here are some recipes for you)  These are all in season right now. Even a banana would be good. Endurance athletes (you are different of course) and if you want more suggestions, please connect with us and we can help you with some great choices.

3-My favorite bfast meal… a smoothie. I am a fan of low sugar, no fruit, smoothie in the morning. I have a delicious recipe that you can add your favorite protein powder to. (Here are some of our protein powder recommendations: Dr. Axe Collagen protein, MRM Veggie elite, Jay Robb Egg white protein, and Growing Naturals rice protein. There are many good ones out there. Contact us with specifics and we can help you navigate all the choices (we recommend organic, non whey, and of course non GMO.)

This is the called Treva’s Powerhouse Smoothie. I had a difficult time with staying full and having the energy I needed until lunch time. Until I did the breakfast experiment above, I found that this works the best! I have slight blood sugar issues and this was money in the bank for me!

smoothie-1208140__1804-Try to eat one hour after waking or right after your morning workout. Your body needs fuel and skipping this meal can cause chaos in your system later on in the day. Eating first thing drives your metabolism and helps with brain function.

5-Take time to eat. Not running out the door or standing at your kitchen island. Sitting down and actually chewing your food can help cut back on the stress of digestion and help digest your food easier. Chew that food! REALLY! Chew it 20 times. Digestion starts in your mouth, food was not meant to be swallowed whole.

This is IT for this week. Let’s all give it a try. I know I have slacked off the last few weeks in eating after I get up and I am paying for it later on in the day. Sooo… I will be doing this right along with you.

There are many of you out there who are beyond just picking out a good breakfast to eat to help your situation. I work with many of you who have significant digestive issues and I feel your pain! Please reach out to us at Living Tree if that is you. We have helped LOADS of people who are struggling with not getting the answers they want or need and are stuck feeling like they have had to live with the pain of IBS, Colitis, Chrons, and other autoimmune diseases. We can help!

Learn more about what we do here and Contact us!

Thanks for visiting us. WE are passionate about all thing health!


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Thanks for visiting our blog this week.

Peace and Love.



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