Hello There

Living Tree Health and Wellness is back and in full swing, excited to help those of you who feel stuck in the long list of GI symptoms you CANNOT fix!

I have taken a few personal hits, curve balls, and down times to get here, but I am back even stronger.

The last four years have really been survival for me and the business. If you have not gone through a string of incredibly stressful events in your life, YOU WILL! Murphy’s law was an old saying when I was young; anything that can go wrong will go wrong – and all at the same time! IT DID! I went through a somewhat public divorce, my mom was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer and I moved back to Omaha to help out – AND I became a grandmother under some less than desirable circumstances. The worst came when I LOST my mother/best friend AND grandmother within a short period of time. All of this in 2016- 2017. In 2018, I lost my stepfather, got engaged (a very happy bright spot), and married (my high school sweetheart – with 5 kids of his own,) and became a legal guardian of my adult stepbrother with special needs. Take each one of those things apart and you are looking at a 20 on the stress scale of 1-10. I am in NO way complaining, because each of those circumstances came with so many blessings and deepened insight and growth.

My health suffered though. I fell off the wagon. I had NO time for self-care and over the course of three years, had fallen back into some unhealthy patterns. Because I had been under so much stress, I had gotten pretty sick twice during that time. Both of those times, I needed antibiotics (I had only taken them ONCE, 10 YEARS before that,)! It was if I woke up from a bad dream and found that I had gained a bunch of weight and my GI system and brain function were a MESS – from stress, bad eating, AND taking antibiotics back to back.

As I once again began to heal myself, (the first time was from hormone and adrenal complications in 2008 ) with all the knowledge I had gained, I realized how important GI health is AND how many people are suffering from GI illnesses, symptoms, and undiagnosed pain. I have began specializing, recieved certifications, and worked hard with clients in – The GUT/BRAIN Connection. I have been finding hundreds of people who feel like their lives are compromised greatly because of what is going on below the belt line and between the ears!

So many struggle and suffer daily with a bad gut and some anxiety and depression in the mix. Trust me – even as a Functional Practitioner, there were more than a few days that I struggled to even get out of bed, want to stand in front of a mirror, or care about what I put in my mouth during two of those years.

My greatest joy besides my relationship with God, my husband, and all my kiddos, is how passionate I am about the work I do! Every day I see how much helping people heal gives life back to those who
thought they had to live stuck and on meds for the rest of their lives.
I invite you on a journey of healing, support, and finding your best you once again.

Follow along with me on Face Book, Instagram, blogging, and newsletters, as I will be giving LOADS of tips and tricks to finding
the hidden keys to unlocking your BEST YOU!